For most people, buying a home is probably one of the biggest purchase/investment in your lifetime, so it’s important to understand the process and how to prepare. Below are 9 steps to buying a home

Step 1

Starting Line
Making the decision to own your own home is an important first step when buying a home.

Step 2

What you are looking for
What are you looking for in a home? Where do you want to live? How does a mortgage payment fit into your budget? What is your price range?

Step 3

Talk to your A&R Realty experienced broker
Working with an experienced Realtor© will be a key part of your buying experience. Our brokers at A&R Realty are well versed in all things real estate and have a network of service partners to handle every aspect of your purchase.

Step 4

Unless you are paying cash, you'll need a loan from a lender to finance your purchase. There are many options for financing and understanding the differences will determine your plan for purchase. A good Realtor© will be able to offer guidance through experience on financing and has good contacts to the best lenders.

Step 7

Inspections and appraisals
When you have a signed contract and deposited the earnest money deposit, your due diligence period will include a comprehensive home inspection chosen by you to better understand the condition of the home. This process will be oversaw by your real estate attorney, which your Realtor© can provide contacts if needed. Next, your lender will order the appraisal to confirm the value of the property.

Step 5

Lets see homes
Now that your loan terms are pre-approved, it's time to see homes. Your A&R Realty broker will collaborate with you on searching for prospective homes. Once your top choices are selected, we will coordinate the home showings at a time best suited for your schedule.

Step 8

All that is left is to finish your financing process and once you are clear to close, your attorney will schedule your closing. Your attorney will guide you through the closing documents at the title company on closing day. After a 1-2 hour closing, you'll be a homeowner and you'll walk out with your keys.

Step 6

The offer process
Once you find the home for you, it's time to make your offer. Your Realtor© will explain to you the terms of the purchase contract and help you decide what your offer terms are. Once signed, the offer will be sent to the listing broker to present to their seller. Typically within 24-48 hours you'll have a response to your offer: accept, reject, or a counter-offer. Once you and the seller reach an agreement, you are in contract.

Step 9


A great team

A great buying experience often is because of a good team around you. An A&R Realty broker can offer recomendations for the following services:

  •     -Mortgage Lenders
  •     -Real Estate Attorneys
  •     -Home Inspectors
  •     -Home Warranty
  •     -Home Insurance Agents and more

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